Now it’s time for India to wait for our response: DG ISPR

“We will strike back at the time and place of our choosing, now it is India’s time to wait for our response,” said DG ISPR.


RAWALPINDI: Director General Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Asif Ghafoor on Tuesday categorically rejected Indian claim of an airstrike inside Pakistan and advised Pakistan’s eastern neighbour to stop lying to attain its objectives.

“We will strike back at the time and place of our choosing, now it is India’s time to wait for our response,” said DG ISPR.

The DG ISPR said that Pakistan Air Force (PAF) challenged Indian fighter jets when they tried to enter Pakistani territory from Sialkot and Lahore border with an aim to target civilian population.

He added that if Indian Air Force had struck any military position, then an engagement would have happened as Pakistani soldiers were ready to respond.

“Had they struck the military last night, then uniformed personnel would have been martyred and it would not have served their purpose. They wanted to target a place where civilians could have died, so they could claim that they targeted a terrorist camp,” said Asif Ghafoor.

“You failed to surprise us because we confronted you at three points and you ran away now wait for our surprise as we will respond differently,” DG ISPR warned India.

The military’s spokesman maintained that the Indian claim of killing over 300 terrorists and staying within Pakistani territory in 21 minutes is entirely false as anyone can see that there is no evidence of any casualty or rubble at the alleged attack site.

“They shouldn’t make such tall claims, they can’t stay within the Pakistani territory for 21 minutes, we dare them to come and try to stay within Pakistani airspace for 21 minutes,” said Asif Ghafoor.

PAF scrambles Indian jets

In the wee hours of February 26, Indian aircraft intruded the LoC near Muzaffarabad sector, however they scrambled back following timely response from the Pakistan Air Force (PAF).

Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Director General Major General Asif Ghafoor informed in a tweet, Indian Air Force violated the LoC and the prompt response from the Pakistan Air Force compelled Indian jets to go back.

He said “facing timely and effective response from the PAF, [Indian jets] released [their] payload in haste while escaping, which fell near Balakot.” However, no casualties or damage was reported during the incident, DG ISPR added.