Bakery in India forced to cover sign board with 'Karachi' on it.

An Indian angry group of 20-25 men on Friday eve started protesting outside the premises


Ever since the Pulwama Attack, an eclipse of hatred has descended over India where the minorities especially Muslims are finding it hard to breathe.

‘Shinning India’ the slogan raised by our neighbor to widen its modern and progressive outlook has taken a back seat at the moment and the nationalist  Hindutva  psychology is overriding the Indian ideologues at the moment.

The hawks of nationalist India have clutched the country into a frenzy of hatred directed at Pakistan. Every day we hear cases of Kashmiri Muslim students being harassed by violent goons forcing them to praise India or get a beating.

Losing the sight of objectivity, a Bakery in Bengaluru has come under the hate radar of the red hot zealots in an aim to show their spite and enmity with Pakistan.

According to The News Minute report, a bakeshop named  Karachi Bakery  famous for its fruit biscuits, opened by a Sindhi named Khanchand Ramnani at the time of partition has come under the gall of an angry mob who gathered around the shop demanding removal of the word ‘Karachi’.


The manager of the bakery reportedly narrated that an angry group of 20-25 men on Friday eve started protesting outside the premises with an assumption that we belong to Pakistan. He further explained that the bakery is run and owned by Hindus since 1953. To satisfy the protestors and prove our love for the country, we covered the name Karachi on the hoarding with the national flag.

The bakery’s official facebook page further issued a clarification to clamor down the voices of dissent.

The anti-Pakistan sentiment in India is growing by the day overlooking the fact that there are numerous outlets and rice delicacies in Pakistan with names holding the title of the Indian city Bombay, one fine example is the Bombay Bakery in Hyderabad.

Names represent a common cultural heritage and preserving them will be a small step towards peace. The need of the hour is to tone down the war hysteria and end the air of hostility between the two nations.