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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Manga Chapter 11 - REVIEW #AnimePK #AhmadReviews

First as everyone talking about Sarada's new look yeah for a 12y/o girl its too much and make her wear heels just ruining the concept of Ninja! Over all, the whole setup seem messed up futuristic vibes all over showing how badly it effecting the Ninja world with tech and modernism.

But i guess that the whole point of this BORUTO GENERATION, as Kawaki also stated that "THE AGE OF THE NINJA IS OVER". So it will be like that showing us in each chapter how bad it turns when purity mixed with technology and forgetting about own culture & myths.

Also let see how that cursed sealing mark on Boruto palm with goes(which is linked to tattoos on first chapter) It's giving be vibes of Boruto going berserk in future

P.S. This chapter is OK OK and Boruto as bodyguard write before his first mission. ALRIGHT lets see how it goes! In begining it will be like that simple #Naruto Origin type but have high hopes it will turn really dark & EPIC

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#NarutoShippuden Last Episode No.500 - REVIEW!!! #AnimePK #AhmadReviews

Oh boy, oh boy! Last Episode starts with the first episode preview of Iruka-Naruto moments.. tears in my eyes ;-;

Further more episode focused on Iruka, #Naruto & Hinata - That scene though when Naruto asked Iruka to attend ceremony as his father & after on when Hinata call Iruka Father EPIC

& Finally we have seen them in those dressing... ufffff Hinata look soo damn super Kawai and absolutely stunning as a bride.

**CONGRATS Naruto & #Hinata on your Wedding.**^

All that Artwork in the ED song was LIT, Those Manga panels & other special arrwork though!!

P.S. Watched whole episode with joy & with tears in my eyes. Nostalgia feelings!! such a calm episode! Thankyou Naruto - We have learn so much from you. Thankyou Kishimoto for creating such an epic story & Thankyou Studio Pierrot for making this series even greater with such animation & music/sound work

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Thankyou #Kishimoto for creating such an epic story & #StudioPierrot for making it even greater with such animation & sound work!

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I was away & no one posted anything :/ wow


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