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PakSurf is a real-time information community that connects you to the latest stories, ideas, opinions and news about what you find interesting from Pakistan & around the world.

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Spend less time on your computer & more time on the move, we've rebuilt the app for PakSurf so it's faster and easier to use. Now PakSurf is on mobiles, iPhone, iPad, iPod & on android devices.

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PakSurf unites Pakistani's around the world & helps them communicate comfortably & promptly. You can message your friends and see what's new in their lives, share photos, watch videos, & listen to MP3 files.

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Beautiful green color theme, which gives you feelings close to Pakistan. 100% screen adaptable on all tablets and smartphones. An exclusive #Pakistani Social Community ! Show us your love, support us and Invite your friends and help us grow


A wave is a curated group of PakSurf users. You can create your own waves or join to waves created by others. Viewing a wave timeline will show you a stream of posts from only the users on that wave.

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Create your own fan Page at PakSurf to grow your #business #community or #FANS. Get connected with things that only matter to you only. PakSurf gives you freedom & power to your words.

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Pakistan's leading online community that captures an existing national & international network of Pakistanis. Who share interests and activities, and are interested in exploring the interests and activities of others.

We are from Pakistan with high heads and soft hearts

Pakistan is always in the news for the bad reasons and has been criticized by the rest of the world, even then the people of Pakistan are patriotic and stand united for the goodwill of their country. No matter how worst the situation gets, the youth is eager enough to bring out the best in all the fields like media, communication, IT and science. In Pakistan, IT industry is fast growing with a large potential and is regarded as a successful sector even in country’s worst financial crisis. As the IT industry in Pakistan is growing likewise the demand for the software’s and programmers has taken up a rapid growth. PakSurf.com is one of the fastest and the most used social network with all the latest features and enhancements in the social media. We, as a Pakistani feel proud on creating this exclusive social community which will lead our nation and show the world positive sides of the country.

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PakSurf makes it easy for people to learn about you & find your content on the web. We believe that you should own your own identity. That your identity should be both projected and protected. It should encompass the different facets of your life. It should be portable and universally accessible. And most importantly, it should be easy to create and manage.
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We want to make sure you have the opportunity to connect with us, most importantly with each other.

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